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December 15, 2015


Men and women as far away as Brattleboro, Rutland, Putney, Barre, Burlington, and St. Johnsbury met recently to launch a Vermont Alimony Reform Movement.

The new activist organization is known as Vermont Alimony Reform. The movement is being spearheaded by the elected President of the group, Rick Fleming, a native of Brattleboro, who is forced to pay lifetime alimony to an ex-wife who has since remarried after the divorce was final. In most states, remarriage of an alimony receiving spouse terminates an alimony obligation.

Vermont Alimony Reform's mission is to reform and update Vermont's archaic and outdated Alimony Laws. The goal is to follow the lead of neighboring Massachusetts whose legislatlure unanamously passed the Massachusetts Alimony Reform Act of 2011. The highly successful, sweeping reform was the product of an Alimony Reform Task Force appointed by the chairs of the Joint Committee on the Judiciary. Among the active participants of the Task Force was Steve Hitner, the President of the group Mass Alimony Reform.

Vermont Alimony Reform will be urging the Vermont Legislature to follow the successful process by establishing a similar Alimony Reform Task Force. The Task Force should include a representative of all interested parties, including but not limited to VAR, The Vermont Bar, the Women's Bar, Judges, and members of the Legislature. Our goal is to bring predictability, consistency, and fairness to the family court system as it relates to divorce and alimony.

For more information please contact:

Rick Fleming, President
Vermont Alimony Reform
PO Box 1971
Brattleboro, VT 05302
Phone: 802-490-8534


On November 8th, Vermont Alimony Reform had it's first official meeting in the White River Junction, VT area. We are delighted to have had Guest Speaker Steve Hitner of Massachusetts Alimony Reform and his wife Jeanie moderate the meeting. The group came together to discuss our primary legislative goals, as well as elect officers. Front row, left to right, officers are: Amy Fleming, Treasurer, Rick Fleming, President, Greg Henry, Secretary, and Dan Woodcock, Vice President. Other members include alimony payors and second spouses, as well as those looking for reform in Vermont. We will keep you updated on our progress!

Vermont Alimony Reform meeting - November, 2015


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Please contact us if you want to help change the laws in Vermont. If you are paying permanent alimony you need to join our organization. When you help us you help yourself.



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