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February, 2019

2019 "The year of Spousal Maintenance Reform in Vermont"

The 2019-20 Vermont Legislature is back in session and Vermont Alimony Reform is looking to work with both the Senate and House Judiciary Committees to bring true reform to Vermont's outdated spousal maintenance laws.

In 2017, the Legislature passed Act 60 which added the Spousal Maintenance Guidelines into existing law as an additional factor that judges can use in determining spousal maintenance awards and established a Task Force (Vermont Alimony was a member of the Task Force) to review Vermont's existing outdated laws. The Task Force met in the summer and fall of 2017 and recommended that the Legislature should wait and see the effect of the Guidelines before making additional changes to the statute. The Task Force also recommended the use of the Guidelines until July 1, 2021, which passed the Legislature and signed into law.

However, since their introduction, the guidelines are NOT being used as presumptive law and there is still ambiguity in the process due to the fact that judicial discretion is still the standard in determining spousal maintenance awards throughout the state. There is still a lack of consistency, predictability and clarity for women, men and families. Low income Vermonters are still unable to know with certainty what they are entitled to and by lacking the financial resources to hire a lawyer, are too often short changed under the present system.

Senator Jeanette White from Windham County introduced Senate Bill S99 in February 2019. This legislation will correct the many faults of Vermont's existing spousal maintenance statutes. Now is the time to rally around this important piece of legislation and move Vermont forward into the 21st century. New Hampshire was successful in passing comprehensive reform in 2018 which took effect on January 1, 2019, and Massachusetts passed alimony reform successfully in 2012. Vermont needs to do the same, and stay current with familial trends, as unlike child support laws, spousal maintenance laws have not been updated in Vermont in decades.

We need everyone's help to make true reform happen in Vermont this year. Please consider joining Vermont Alimony Reform as we continue to fight to bring consistency, predictability and clarity to all women, men, children and families throughout Vermont. Without guidelines and structure as presumptive law, Vermonters cannot be assured equitable outcomes when going through the already difficult process of divorce.

Rick Fleming, President
Vermont Alimony Reform

Website: www.vtalimonyreform.com

Vermont Alimony Reform meeting - November, 2015

Members of Vermont Alimony Reform met in November 2016 to discuss upcoming Legislative Goals.

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