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Write Your Legislator

Writing your state Senator or Representative is the most effective way of communicating that there is a serious problem with alimony in Vermont and the need for reform by the Legislature. Positive letters that define your experiences with alimony that clearly state how alimony has impacted your life are most effective. Our first task is to identify to the legislature the problems with the existing alimony laws in Vermont. Our next task is to ask them to establish a task force that includes all impacted parties of alimony. This would include Legislators, Judges, lawyers, and payors. Once the taskforce has completed their work, we can then submit Legislation to update and change the existing alimony laws to create a system whereby there is consistency, predictability, and fairness for all parties involved with regard to alimony.

Below we have listed the pertinent committees with links to the members webpage (click their name).

In addition you can Click Here to find your legislator by name or by town.

If you need assistance with this, please reach out to us:

House Committee on Judiciary (Room 30)

The House Committee on Judiciary considers matters relating to judicial and legal affairs.


• Rep. Maxine Grad, Chair
• Rep. Charles Conquest, Vice Chair
• Rep. Thomas Burditt, Ranking Member
• Rep. Selene Colburn, Member
• Rep. Eileen Dickerson, Member
• Rep. Kimberly Jessup, Member
• Rep. Martin LaLonde, Member
• Rep. Raqaiyah Morris, Member
• Rep. Barbara Rachelson, Member
• Rep. Gary Viens, Member
• Rep. Janssen Wilhoit, Member


Shannyn Morse, Committee Assistant

Senate Committee on Judiciary (Room 1)

The Senate Committee on Judiciary has jurisdiction over matters relating to judicial and legal affairs; and motor vehicle and homeowner liability insurance.


• Sen. Dick Sears, Chair
• Sen. Joe Benning, Vice Chair
• Sen. Tim Ashe Member
• Sen. Jeanette K. White Member
• Sen. Alice W. Nitka Member


Peggy Delaney, Committee Assistant


Please contact us if you want to help change the laws in Vermont. If you are paying permanent alimony you need to join our organization. When you help us you help yourself.



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