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Legislative Goals:

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Legislative Goals

The definition of alimony needs to be redefined from one of entitlement and compensation to one of support and rehabilitation. Alimony's definition should be: the payment of support from a spouse who has the ability to pay, to a spouse in need of support, for a reasonable length of time under a court order within the measure of the marriage contract.

  1. Spousal support should encourage self-sufficiency and independence for the lower earning spouse.
    A. Training and transitional spousal support with specific guidelines and formulas.
    B. Guidelines will result in greater consistency, predictability, and fairness throughout the state of Vermont.
    C. Formulaic factors could include such items as number of years married, career or professional development constraints such as parental obligations, and physical/mental health considerations.
  2. Spousal support terminates upon the recipient's remarriage or cohabitation.
  3. A second spouse's income and assets should never be a factor in a spousal support judgement.
  4. Current payors with modifiable judgments or agreements should have the right to file for a modification/reconsideration based upon the new guidelines.
  5. A spousal support obligation terminates when the payor reaches the age that they can receive their Full Retirement Social Security Benefit. Establishing a predictable end date will allow the payor and payee an opportunity to plan and save for retirement.
  6. Specific guidelines for the term and amount of spousal support should be based upon documented financial NEED with a maximum of 30% of the difference between the incomes of both parties up to 50% of the length of the marriage.
  7. The Family Court must honor all legally valid prenuptial agreements, final stipulations, and/or contracts between the parties.
  8. Deviation Factors should only be used in extreme situations. Any deviation from the guidelines must include a rational and findings.
  9. Just as with child support, when vast individual factors of the parties determined by broad judicial discretion were transformed into a consistent, predictable, streamlined process using a calculator model, the same can work for alimony.
  10. Attainment of the same standard of living as in the marriage is inherently flawed, as two households must now operate instead of one.


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